I work with material unique to Vancouver Island: crystals, stones, sea glass, lichens, flowers, naturally deceased critters and wood. Creating handmade crafts is a form of physical therapy for me. The idea was born in 2011 as a hobby to provide eye-hand coordinated activities to offset my digital work. My goal is to create mindful pieces that you can cherish and incorporate into your unique lifestyle.


Forest crystal are ethically hand-mined phantom quartz from Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island. These crystals are said to be used for protection against trauma and anxiety. Pendants are either drilled or wire wrapped by me. Never place in water or in mouth as it’s made of actinolite (toxic).


Resin pieces made with organic objects found on the forest floor during Shinrin-Yoku on Vancouver Island. These make great jewellery and meditation keepsakes. Made with eco-friendly Canadian resin.

Sea Glass

Jewellery created with ethically hand-picked sea glass and up-cycled materials. Sea glass is picked from the beaches of Victoria BC and drilled by me. Who knew trash could be so show stopping?


Ethically hand-picked and tumbled stones and gemstones from the shores of Vancouver Island: Agate, basalt, jasper, quartz, quartzite. Use as chakra stones, massage tools and for your crystal grid layouts.

Nordic Inspired

Inspired by my Nordic heritage: Crystals, sea glass, ornaments, talisman, wood, keepsakes and mindful accessories that originate from the natural world of Vancouver Island. All ethically handcrafted by me. Great additions to your metaphysical practice or as home decor.


Metaphysical bracelets made with Vancouver Island sea glass, gemstones, resin beads and charms. People wear their bracelets for meditation and fashion.

Reflexology Rings

Massage rings can be used as soothing tools for hands and feet. Made with a variety of materials; Danish ethically hand-picked amber, gemstone beads, and eco-friendly handmade resin. Roll rings up and down fingers from a soothing and stress-relieving experience. Best used when at the dentist or doctors, on a flight, or during any other nerve wracking time.